Did anyone explain the importance of shifting the way you use language with your ADHD child? ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt

❓When your son or daughter was diagnosed with ADHD did anyone explain to you how language affects executive functioning?
❓Were you told that it is essential to shift the way you use language to help them build their executive function skills?
❓ Was it explained to you that the ADHD brain tends to be "black or white" and using abstract or " fluffy" language can escalate kids with ADHD and cause blow-ups?
❓ Has anyone explained the benefit of using purposeful praise instead of empty praise to help build resiliency, patience and perspective taking?

🗯️The mental health field, which is most families "entry point" into learning about ADHD doesn't understand the importance of language to help improve behavior and build executive function skills because they look at ADHD as a mental health issue, instead of seeing it for what it actually is - a learning issue.

❓If ADHD is a lack of internal dialogue or self-directed talk ("Brain Coach") then how could you help your child if you don't change the way you use language? 

👉 In Scaffolding Better Behavior & Self-Confidence, my new parent behavior management program I spend a good deal of time teaching parents how to shift the way they use language to help improve behavior and executive functioning.  The beautiful thing about this is that it doesn't require any more than just being a little more thoughtful in the way you use language. 

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