What are social learning challenges in kids with ADHD? - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt


Does your son "miss social cues"?

Actually, that's a misleading term. 

I got into the social learning field because of my son's social learning challenges.  While there was an abundance of "social skills groups" where we lived I learned that none of them were designed for my son.  Rather, they took a "one size fits all" approach where kids with a wide range of cognitive and diagnostic profiles were all grouped together, with little to no understanding of their specific social learning needs.  

I knew that wouldn't work for my son, which is why I started doing the research on my own and here I am 14 years later.

When someone with ADHD struggles socially, they have what is called a "social learning challenge", meaning that they do not learn social information intuitively, to the same extent as their peers. 

Social learning challenges are poorly understood by professionals as most mental health professionals, educators, etc. get little to no education in helping kids who present with social learning challenges. I hope this changes in the future.

The ADHD Dude methodology is the only male-specific approach to addressing social learning challenges in existence.  It is also the only ADHD-specific approach.  


Please check out the social skills playlist at the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.  I have many videos for kids about social skills in the Dude Talk playlists.