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Ever try lists, checklists, picture charts to help your son/daughter remember things only to find they worked for about a week or not at all?

📣Lists, checklists, etc. do not work for the vast majority of kids with ADHD. Those strategies might work for adults, rarely for kids though.

Here's Why:
-Lists are not visual, they do not help to activate non-verbal working memory or what I call "future thinking skills".
-Planning often happens in a different physical space where a task will take place, thus if you're son/daughter is not visualizing the transition from moving through physical space to complete the task it most likely won't happen.
-Visualizing the end result is critical to completing a task. Lists/checklists/picture charts do not show the end result.

I did this with one of the guys I was working with. Typically, I would have asked him to bring all these items and we would do a sequence of photos, ending with a picture of the items in his bag so he could see what his bag should look like as the end result.

Because I didn't know we would be working on this until that day (his mother has ADHD as well) we compiled pictures of the actual items that need to go in his bag. This was a very important part. For example, if we would have put a random toothbrush, that might not help activate his future thinking skills so we did a picture of a toothbrush the same color as his toothbrush.

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