Language of Accountability & Kids with ADHD - Ryan Wexelblatt - ADHD Dude



 In Raising Great Dudes, my upcoming Parent Behavior Training program I teach a concept I created called "Language of Accountability".  

This is a way of communicating with kids that:

-Teaches accountability for words/behaviors

-Avoids getting pulled into the argument/negotiation/reasoning vortex

-Teaches kids they make the choice to earn the things that are important to them

-Moves parents away from reactive language (You're punished!, You lost Xbox, etc.)

Raising Great Dudes is currently in it's editing phase, the next step is for me to record the audio to accompany the units.  It will only be available at my upcoming membership site. 

Raising Great Dudes is the first ever Parent Behavior Management (also known as "Parent Behavior Therapy") program in existence for parents of kids with ADHD.  This is not a "one size fits all" approach. 

The American Pediatric Association treatment recommendations for ADHD for children over 6 are medication management in conjunction with Parent Behavior Training.  The ADHD Dude membership side will provide a convenient and cost-effective way for parents to receive Parent Behavior Training.  

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