My latest podcast interview where I'm talking about my How to Hang Out Program - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt



It was quite an honor to be the first guest on the new GROUP WORK podcast from Katie May of Group Guru: Market, Fill and Run Groups in Private Practice.
We spoke about my How to Hang Out program which I'm looking forward to starting next month. (In-person only, if it were virtual that wouldn't be "hanging out".)
Episode 01:
ADHD Groups for Boys: You Can't Teach Conversation From a Book!
In this episode we cover:
✔️Why unstructured time is critical for teaching social skills
✔️ The unwritten rules of hangout time and how this is counter to the social skills curriculums most therapists teach
✔️The truth vs. the norm in therapists teaching social skills
🎧 Listen here: