Do you keep your child with ADHD emotionally escalated? - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt



One of the most common things I hear from "parenting experts" is completely counter-intuitive to what works best for kids with ADHD. I hear about this from parents every single day that I am working.

What am I talking about specifically:
-"Give them attention whenever they are upset so they feel heard."
-"Let them know that everything they have to say is important so reflect back what they said."
-Negotiate with them, otherwise you're just trying to control them.
-Consequences are never O.K. because they have lagging skills. (Try telling that to a judge if they ever get into legal trouble.)

Kids with ADHD live in the moment. Most of them are "black or white" thinkers, they are concrete. As a result, they do best when things are concrete for them.

The examples above contradict how they ADHD brain works, and they contradict when I explain to parents every single day.

The ADHD Dude methodology goes against the current of the child psychology field. It goes against some of the popular approaches to parenting difficult children. Many families have shared with me that those approaches were ineffective for their child, and in some cases made things worse.

That doesn't surprise me at all. Those approaches enable negative behaviors with attention, negotiation and undermine parent's authority. This is not my opinion, this is the experience parents share with me.

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