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When executive functioning weaknesses are mistaken for behavior issues by Ryan Wexelblatt, LSW

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And executive function skills building strategy to help get kids off of video games and computers

I'll be presenting on "Guy Stuff" at the Birbaum Jewish Community Center in Bridgewater, NJ 10/22/17

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Looking forward to presenting at the Social Thinking Provider's Conference on Friday

Teaching Social Expectations Around Hygiene & Puberty to Kids With Social Learning Challenges (ADHD, Aspergers, autism)

Please join me for my presentation at Elkins Park CHADD on Tuesday 6/6/17.

Kids don't improve social skills by sitting in front of video games/computer screens at camp.

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Please join me for my presentation on 5//17 sponsored by the Committee for Special Education of Lower Merion School District.

ADHD Homework Strategy-helps build executive function skills

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Listen to my webinar on "Guy Stuff" hosted by the San Francisco Autism Society of America

How to Hang Out social skills program for grades 8-10 begins in April as well.

Grades 5-7 How to Hang Out Social Skills Program begins in April.

Guy Stuff-A webinar on teaching social expectations around hygiene & puberty to boys diagnosed with higher-verbal ASD.

Center for ADHD March 2017 Newsletter and Article

Center for ADHD Summer Program

Please join me for my free webinar on March 23, 2017 sponsored by the Autism Society of San Francisco.

I enjoyed this article on self-regulation and empathy for oneself, particularly relevant to people with ADHD, Asperger's, higher-verbal autism

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Center for ADHD February 2017 Newsletter

The need for comprehensive sexual health information in the ASD community

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Guy Stuff Program-For boys diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger's or higher-verbal autism

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