Flyer for my presentation at Princeton Speech-Language and Learning on 1/9/16 (Princeton, New Jersey)

And electronics fast can open a door way to help for individuals with Asperger's and ASC

Joint Attention: The foundation for understanding the social world and a challenge for people who struggle socially

I'll be presenting for the first time this week at the National Sex Educators Conference in New Brunswick, NJ

Adults usually tell kids to handle bullying by giving less than useful responses, here's a great video to teach kids the best responses to teasing

Why we need to encourage young men to enter the autism field as a profession

Teaching children and teenagers Social Thinking® skills around annual events like Thanksgiving.

My presentation in Princeton Dec 4, 2015

Video Games and the ADHD (or Autism, or Asperger's) Brain-A new booklet

The stigma surrounding ADHD in girls and the prevalence of under-diagnosis

This article shows how people on the spectrum have difficulty with Gestalt processing or getting the big picture.

Redefining what the term High-functioning means in the context of Autism and Asperger's

Some great explanations in this video about how Aspergers works:

Misdiagnosing girls with Aspergers Syndrome

Some easy executive function strategies for teachers and parents

I believe there is a fine line between compulsive behaviors associated with Aspergers/Autism and addiction when it comes to screens and video games...

Great strategies to communicate effectively with boys from Dr. Adam Cox

Great video on the benefit of LARPing for people with Aspergers

Philadelphia are paremts of kids with special needs, please join us for this series of workshops on transitioning from high school

A great article for parents: Why compassion is a key to your well being

Tuesday October 6th Elkins Park CHADD presentation:

Excellent videon on improving executive function skills from Sarah Ward

How overparenting kids has denied them the opportunity to learn and a great solution

Zones of Regulation author Leah Kuypers coming to King of Prussia, PA on Nov 6th

Adressing bullying through Social Thinking in an IEP

Dr. Ross Greene of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions will be presenting in North Brunswick, NJ November 2015

Visual schedule apps for students with executive function challenges

A small, free, downloadable booklet with activities to support executive function development through nature based activities for students of all ages.

A great strategy to help students ts get back on task.

Really thoughtful and intelligent article from NPR- How Schools Are Handling An 'Overparenting' Crisis

Very happy to be presenting for the first time at the National Sex Ed Conference in December

Please join me in a Twitter chat today at 3:00 PM EST/12:00PM PST. Topic: What Parents Need To Know About Social Competency For Middle & High School Children

Tuesday September 15th: I'll be presenting at the Elkins Park, PA CHADD support group

Please join me for an online chat Mon Aug 31st 3:00 EST about social competency for middle and high school students who present with ADHD, LD, Aspergers and HFA

Great advice to help kids start the school year through using their social observation skills

Statistics to illustrate life for many adults with an ASD diagnosis

A visual tool to teach emotional regulation strategies

Perspective taking - why showing interest in other people is more important than anything

20 useful productivity and study apps

Man with ASD creates app for emergency communication

Self regulation activities and games for kids

Simple strategies to help kids pay attention better where or refocus

Teaching social improve quality of life for kids

Please check out Center for Social and Executive Function Skills in Philadelphia, PA

Interview with Jessica Minahan who wrote The Behavior Code, one of my new favorite books

Individual and family chores kids can be doing at each age-great resource to help develop executive function skills and independence

Great turn out for my presentation at the 2015 Pennsylvania Community on Secondary Transition Conference yesterday, standing room only!

Collaborative Problem Solving in action

Dr. Ross Greene approach - collaborative proactive solutions (formerly called collaborative problem solving)

Teaching teenagers smart spending habits

Visual aids that can be used to teach social thinking skills

Great visual to teach emotional literacy

What overparenting looms like to a Stanford dean

How students retain information through learning. A great visual to show retention rates.

A great chart to teach kids emotional states in regards to initiation and task planning.

Using screens to pacify toddlers impact their about to develop self-regulation

Teaching the concept of time to kids and adults with ADHD

Quit being your household nagger-Teach kids executive function home skills

Teaching "rule enfocers" to be a leader instead of a boss

A great activity to teach kids how to work togethe-buold a Minecraft Creeper

Teaching kids resiliency through self-talk

Integrating executive function concepts into playing Minecraft

Using Minecraft to teach the 5 point scale (emotional regulation)

The biggest predictor of future employment as an adult with ASD is independent daily self-care skills

Teaching money management skills to kids with learning differences, ADHD and ASD

Why college often doesn't work out for kids with Asperger's and Autism and What to Do about it

Don't shelter kids with autism and limit video games-Dr. randin

Anxious Parents Can Transmit Anxiety to Their Children

Parents should teach kids healthy self-esteem that isn't based on their accomplishments

Summer jobs for teens with ADHD

What parents can do to help develop executive function skills

Skills for College and Social Signals present a new program for Philadelphia area middle school students with social learning challenges (ADHD, Asperger's, NVLD): How to Hang Out

Kids with ADHD need to fidget in order to learn

Love and Autism

Report on autism and adolescent transition

80% of College Students with an ASD diagnosis Do Not Complete a Degree

Dr. Grandin on academic curricula

The key to avoiding entitled kids is allowing them to do things for themselves

How much sleep should teenagers be getting?

Teenagers reflection skills can aid their emotional control

When Kids with autism reach adulthood

Why saying the word "done" can improve your productivity

Students face with increasing pressure fuel use and sale of ADHD meds

Hoping other large corporations will follow Microsoft lead

Gwynned Mercy #Autism Conference 4 / 11 / 15

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The case for free range parenting

A different perspective on autism awareness month from Skills for Living

Great advice from Ellen Notbohm

Kids with executive function challenges - A typical day

Another article about why screen time before bed isn't good for kid's sleeo.

Early music education strengthens executive function skills

How Internet usage creates ADHD like behaviors.

Regulating emotions with ADHD by Dr. Tuckman

Understanding math learning disabilities

Executive Function and ADHD: Why Structure and Routines Matter

Executive Function - reduce procrastination by starting with the end in mind

Ten best sports for kids with ADHD

Help for hypervigilant parenting of children with ADHD,Asperger's,ASD

Allowing children to develop resiliency to anxiety

What happens when teens with ADHD become adults.

Manners are essential to learning social skills

Great to see former students and campers in this CBS news piece!

Better ways to describe people with challenges

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D May Control Brain Serotonin, Affecting Behavior

Anxiety in Children with Autism Spectrum Diagnoses-A brief article from Center for Autism Research

A perspective on treatment for ADHD

5 games that can improve executive function skills in kids

Autism Research at U of Virginia Aims to Improve Reading Comprehension