Does your child with ADHD struggle with "reading the field" (situational awareness)? - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt


🙋Has your son/daughter ever walked into the street without looking?
🙋Does he seem to do O.K. socially in structured social situations but appears "lost" in unstructured or semi-structured social situations?
🙋Has a teacher ever told you that he/she was still sitting there, while the rest of class has moved on to something else?
🙋Does he tend to walk around and collect sticks at recess, camp, etc. instead of engaging in unstructured play/engaging socially?
👀Situational awareness is an aspect of "social executive functioning". The actual term for this is called gestalt processing, which means how we take various pieces of information, put them together as a whole and make meaning of the gestalt or "bigger picture".
🧠This requires using your "brain coach" or self-directed talk to figure out what are the important details in the environment and what is not important.
❗Here's a really important piece of gestalt processing, often referred to as "getting the bigger picture".
This is the same skill set that is used in summarizing, understanding themes.
There's a few concepts I teach to build this skill including:
"Reading the field" by breaking that down into smaller pieces which involves figuring out what's happening right now by breaking it down into smaller pieces and also figuring out what's going to happen next.
▶️I have videos for kids on this topic (one is below in the comments section) and you can also see me teaching this in the Trip Camp playlists at my YouTube channel.
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