Don't say "Think before you act" to kids with ADHD - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt


Saying “thinking before you act” to a kid with ADHD is like saying, “Tell me what you’ll be doing on May 17, 2043.

When someone presents with an impulsive profile of ADHD it means two things:
1. Their non-verbal working memory (ability to visualize oneself doing a task in the near future) is lagging.
2. Their self-directed talk (what I call “brain coach” with kids) is lagging.
3. For those who struggle socially, their perspective-taking skills are lagging thus they are not using the two skills mentioned above to visualize or think about how others may respond to their words/behaviors.

This is the reason why saying “Think before you act” is useless. Please, for everyone’s sake stop saying it. In this video I give a suggestion for what you can say instead.

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