Worried about another year of online/virtual learning for your kid with ADHD? - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt


I'm hearing from a lot of parents who are worried about what school will look like this year. Many parents shared with me that online/virtual learning has been disastrous for their kids. (No surprise at all.)

If your son/daughter is going to do all or partial online learning and you are continuing to act as his/her executive functioning then you are inhibiting his/her executive functioning skill development while simultaneously keeping him/her over-dependent on you.
I only post about Executive Function Crash Course for Parents webinar series once per week. I'm going to be short and sweet here about how this series can proactively prepare you for a year of less than optimal learning and/or uncertainty when it comes to school.
Webinar 1: The foundation for helping your son/daughter improve their executive function skills. I'll teach you how to use language to improve self-directed talk so you can help your child move from being "prompt-dependent" (meaning you have to tell them every step) towards independence. Most kids with ADHD are extremely prompt-dependent because their parents have never learned strategies to reduce prompt-dependence. The longer your child is prompt-dependent, the more their executive function skills will be lagging because you are acting as their executive functioning.
Webinar 2: You'll learn how to create the "scaffolding" to help your son/daughter get through daily routines with constant nagging, hovering, prompting. If your son/daughter doesn't initiate doing things on their own this will teach you how to use the language in Webinar 1 and help him/her do daily routines independently (getting ready in the morning, preparing for virtual learning, etc.) No checklists, no hanging lists up around the house, no reward charts. Those things do not work for most kids with ADHD.
Webinar 3: If your son/daughter ever thinks tasks will take much longer than they actually will and gives you a hard time it's because they can't "feel" time. If your son struggles with getting off of video games/computer when you ask it's because he cannot see the transition coming up. Webinar 3 will teach you how to teach your child how to feel time and transition from video games to non-preferred tasks without blow ups, etc. No more threats of punishment or using timers. Those strategies do not teach these critical life skills.
Webinar 4: If your child has difficulty getting through any task that is not interesting to them (online school, chores, etc.) Webinar 4 will teach you how to create a structure that works with your child's brain development in order to help him/her develop the resiliency to get through non-preferred tasks. If you want your child to learn how to motivate him/herself this webinar will teach you the foundational scaffolding for that to happen. As you may have learned, saying: "You can have extra screen time tonight" doesn't work.
Webinar 5: Do your check your son/daughter's school homework portal to let them know what they have for homework? Do you tell them when assignments are due? If you do this you are inhibiting the development of his/her executive function skills. Webinar 5 will teach you the strategies to help him/her develop his/her future thinking skills so he/she can see what's coming up and empower you to help him/her plan ahead and easily see what they need to do in a way that is visual.
All webinars are available, you need to scroll past all the sold out sections. (1100 families have now participated in the series.) https://adhddude.clickmeeting.com/