What I hear about executive functioning during the June phone call explosion - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt

What I hear about executive functioning during the June phone call explosion.
Each year in June the phone calls/emails I receive at minimum, quadruples.
👂Here are the common things I hear in June regarding executive functioning:
🟦"Every year I tell myself this will be the year he matures. Now another school year passed with no improvement."
🟦"You came with great recommendations but I'm so hesitant to shell out any more money. Therapy, tutors, etc.. none of it has actually helped him."
🟦"He gets a lot of support in school but at home he won't do anything without my constant hovering over him, even then things don't get done. I'm exhausted and don't want to go through another school year like this."
🟦"My spouse just tells him to try harder, I know he really is trying though."
👉I created Executive Function Crash Course for parents because:
🟩I read all the best selling Executive Functioning books on Amazon and didn't learn any helpful strategies to address families' struggles that cause the most tension at home.
🟩I grew frustrated by the number of families I met who went to therapists who knew little about ADHD and would make recommendations like "Just love him for who he is, this will naturally get better." or "hang up checklists around the house."
🟩I was tired of reading bad advice from parents to other parents in ADHD Facebook groups. Things like "use a timer" or "check on him after every step so you can tell him what to do next."
🟩The ADHD world focuses on academics because grades take precedence for many families. I'm more concerned with how your going to move away from act as your child's executive functioning so he/she can improve their own executive functioning.
🙏 I would have been thrilled if 50 families participated in this webinar series. I never would have imagined that 450 families would have participated, within two months.
For your son/daughter's sake:
🛑Stop seeking advice from Facebook groups where people don't know any more than you do about executive functioning challenges.
🛑Stop wasting time in "talk therapy" that was not designed to address ADHD or executive function challenges.
🛑Stop the wishful thinking that this will magically improve.

👉Make life easier for yourself at home.
👉Help your son/daughter improve his/her executive functioning, independence and in the process, self-confidence.

Watch this video to learn how the webinar series can help your family.