Teaching the concept of brain critic & brain coach - ADHD Dude - Ryan Wexelblatt


"Your brain critic is like a megaphone & speakers and with your brain coach the microphone is too low. It's easier to hear your brain critic."

A fourteen-year-old said this to me yesterday when I explain the concept of brain critic to him. I told him the way he described that was the best description I've ever heard.
if your son has ever made self-defeating comments like he's stupid or hates himself or is particularly hard on himself after he's had a blow up it's because his brain critic is too loud.
This is a very common characteristic in people with ADHD. I explained this to kids because I want to normalize their experience of being hard on themselves and help them to understand that when they are being hard on themselves they don't need to get into "stuck thinking" and can change their thoughts.
I'll be doing some Dude Talk videos about the brain critic on the ADHD Dude YouTube channel.
(I think it's important to mention that many kids learn that making self-defeating comments can manipulate their parents into giving them empty praise in an attempt to counteract the self-defeating comments.)
The problem with giving praise or reassurance to counteract self-defeating comments is that it doesn't help your son feel better because or build his confidence. It can actually do the opposite. His ability to feel better needs to come from within him by learning how to question his brain critic and use his brain coach.
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